Friday, February 1, 2008

Thursday:Ratings View

It is quite disappointing to see the ratings which the premiere of Out of the Question got. I mean, 1.17 million is not a terrible result but it isn't fantastic, given that it is a premiere. But it is a Thursday and it is out of ratings season. It also won its timeslot... which is quite good considering it was up against RPA. But Seven wouldn't be too happy given the large amount of advertising put into it.

If it can sustain this audience during the ratings season, I'd say Seven would keep it.

Meanwhile Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares continues to grow in popularity, which Channel Nine would be happy about, given that The Chopping Block is coming up. And The Chopping Block seems to be a very similar show to Ramsay's.

And not as many people want to watch Family Guy or "The Family Guy" as Glenn Robbins says.
This is probably due to a combination of the fact that most people have already watched the episodes on the internet and the fact that it is not as kid-friendly as the Simpsons. And what's with Channel Seven calling it "medium-tracked". Obviously now when it is not screened directly (or a week) after the US sees it is medium-tracked. But really, is it Seven trying to be funny, or trying to confuse us?

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