Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cranky Corner: Movies on repeat

Don't you hate it when a network comes across a movie which rates pretty well, then decides to repeat it again and again and again? I do. All of the commercial networks are guilty of this- Nine and Ten mostly. Of course you get the movies they play at least once every year such as classics like The Castle, the whole Star Wars saga, The Back to the Future trilogy.... of course there are many more but they you get the idea. Then you get the more recent ones (2000 onwards) getting a run once every 3-12 months, these are your Bridget Jones, About a Boy, etc.
Here is an example- About a Boy is on this Friday the 29th of February. The last time it was on was the 4th of November 2007. This is just over 3 months between the two screenings! And the sad thing is is that people continue to watch these movies, which just encourages the networks.

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