Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nine off to a flyer

Yes, that's right. Nine has won the first week. I don't really see how, but I am glad all the same. I cannot express how happy I am that Channel Seven lost the first week. It is the only network to not have a new Aussie show (and I don't include those cheap reality-docu-dramas as shows).
At least Nine and Ten were brave enough to take some risks and launch some new shows. So what if Nine's Chopping Block and Monster House didn't perform as well as hoped, at least Nine is showing that it is willing to try new Aussie shows. And of course we all know how well Ten's new show has paid off. But I bet that Ten is grateful that it decided to take the risk but at the same time dreading what will happen when the show ends. I mean, I don't want to look too far ahead but they haven't really got much, or any new Aussie shows up their sleeves. Big Brother and Australian Idol are the only two shows that they have. They will be hoping that they can change them enough again so that they can fool viewers that they are watching a different show. But I highly doubt any of those two will regain its Season 1/2 freshness and ratings.
Well back to the present and I hope Nine continues to win. We all went through that phase over the last three years when we loved the fact that Nine was losing and we cheered on Seven to thrash Nine with its new glossy American shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, etc. But that was just because we had all got sick of Nine with its "old-fashioned" shows and tired personalities. But now we have started to come back to the familiarity of Nine with its gritty Aussie dramas and other new shows. I admit, it was good for a while with Channel Seven and its Dancing, singing and docu-dramas galore, but this week viewers showed they are starting to tire of the barrage of Border, Force, RSPCA, the Real Seachange and who knows what else. And to my delight, we are also tiring of It Takes Two, my least favourite show at the moment. Nine only won about two official weeks last year, so hopefully Nine winning the first week is a sign of good things to come.

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