Saturday, January 26, 2008

It Takes Who?!

Now I have seen some pretty bad "celebrity" line-ups in the past over the last couple of years but this years It Takes Two certainly takes the cake. I mean, most people would not have heard of most of the celebrities on this years line up.

The seven website says there is;

Paul O'Brian from Home and Away. I don't watch Home and Away and even if I did I probably wouldn't know who he was.

Chloe Maxwell I only vaguely remember from a Just Jeans commercial.

Scott Draper; I think I have heard his name mentioned in the news.

Virginia Gay; Never heard of her. Never watched All Saints and I don't plan to.

Julia Morris; I have only seen her once or twice on Thank God You're Here and I heard she was in the Singing Office on Foxtel but I don't have Foxtel so...

John Mangos; Had never heard of him until I heard on Weekend Sunrise that his wife had had a baby. And once again, because I don't have Foxtel, I have never seen him on Sky News.

Sara Groen; I remember seeing her once or twice on Saturday Disney until she left and I haven't seen her since.

Mark Wilson; He is probably the biggest "celebrity" on this show- and that is saying something.

Candice Falzon: Had never heard of her until she did a couple of publicity interviews on the radio... apparently an Ironwoman... OK.

Russell Robertson: Once again, I am familiar with his name but not much else. I don't barrack for Melbourne either.

And by the way, a note on the It Takes Two web-page; Channel Seven, please update the picture of Grant Denyer and Terasa Livingstone at the top of the page... isn't Erika Heynatz supposed to be co-hosting? That picture is two years old!

Anyway, I will not be watching ITT as much this season. The show is just a vehicle for D- Grade celebrities to boost their profiles and hopefully get a job as It Takes Two co-host next season... like Kate Ritchie and Erika Heynatz.

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