Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunrise vs. Today

As we head into another ratings season I was wondering whether the fortunes of the struggling Today show will improve. Which show have you been watching and what will you watch this year. I have always watched Today. Don't ask me why. To me, both of the shows are looking more and more like each other everyday. Are there any members of the Today show or Sunrise team who annoy you. Who is the best host? Karl and Lisa are always improving and the show can only get better as they improve their rapport together. The Today show has well and truly moved on from the whole Jessica Rowe debacle. Karl doesn't look as nervous as he used to and is also getting better. Sunrise is rolling along, still winning the ratings easily without having to make drastic changes to its format. If the Today show can continue with its current team without losing anyone, its ratings should slowly improve.

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