Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shows Nearing the End

While there are a whole bunch of new shows coming on to TV this year, it is time for a couple of shows to receive major overhauls.

The shows that stand out are mostly Channel Ten's, with Australian Idol and Big Brother all waning in popularity in 2007. Dancing with the Stars, while not doing too badly, is starting to look a bit repetative.

Australian Idol has already undergone one overhaul, which brought it back to life in Series 4 after sagging Series 3 ratings. It introduced instruments and allowed more of the singers to sing their own songs. This re-invigorated people's interest in the show and introduced a couple of unique artists. Series 5 was quite dissappointing, with controversy littered throughout the Series. I won't go over them all again because most of them were really quite minor and Channel Ten blew one of them out of proportion just for publicity. It also re-introduced Dicko, which interested people at the start but the novelty soon faded. In the end the show recieved its worst final-show audience. There is still more left in the Idol tank and I think it could return to it's former Guy-Shannon glory.

Big Brother is the most obvious show in need of an overhaul and Channel Ten obviously saw this too so they brought in Kyle and Jackie O and kicked out Gretel. Gretel was very professional and a good presenter so it was a shame to see her go but Channel Ten obviously thought otherwise.
Kyle and Jackie O will liven up the show and there is bound to be controversy with Kyle co-hosting... which Ten obviously wants.

Dancing with the Stars is always good light-entertainment and it hasn't really had a major overhaul since it began... probably because it hasn't needed it. But last season, viewers started to slightly tire of it and not as many watched, so to avoid a further slide, it needs slight tweaking.
And Channel Seven have so far done all the right things by only allowing one season instead of two. The departure of Daryl Somers was a surprise, so it will be interesting to see if it was Daryl who was keeping the show afloat. A new host probably won't make it more popular than before, unless Channel Seven changes the whole look of Dancing. And the new host could be the key to its ongoing success. If another host is chosen and it works, the show will probably continue for many a year, but if it doesn't, Channel Seven will be regretting that Daryl left as it would show that he was the key to its success and its ratings will slide further.

Are there any other shows that you feel are in need of a make-over that aren't reality shows? Or do you disagree with my opinions? Leave a comment if so.

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