Thursday, January 31, 2008

Out of the Question: Review

Well, there was Australia's first new show of 2008. Out of the Question. Well... what did you think? I thought that the show is a pretty original idea, current affairs/quiz show/comedy/panel. It draws a lot of its ideas from shows such as The Panel and Spicks and Specks. The first show starred Tony Moclair, Fifi Box and Ed Kavalee. I will try not to analyse it too much because I don't want to judge it purely on one show and only 22 or so minutes, but I will give you my first impressions. It got off to a cheesy start with all of the guests complimenting Glenn Robbins about his various characters, shows and so forth, just to get points, but that was to be expected I suppose. None of the stars on the show have really been used to the roles they were put in. It was Glenn's first time as host, Ed's first time in a more prominent role on TV, etc.
But when the show first got underway there were a few funny lines... mostly from Ed Kavalee.
The current-affairs discussion/quiz is quite good as viewers may be able to discuss and answer questions at home. The show may have looked a bit messy but it is understandable. I think if it is given enough time to develop, it could become a good show, but I wonder if this type of show would have been more at home at the ABC...
The half-hour running time doesn't allow much time to breathe, but some people may enjoy its fast pace and some people may have preferred an hour-long more Panel-like show.
And at the end of the show, Ed Kavalee was the person who stood out the most. If this show were to continue and Ed were to become popular, he could quite easily host his own interview show. Surely we all remember him playing a tonight-show host on Thank God You're Here?
Anyway, hopefully enough people will have given this show a chance- anything over 1.3 million would be good news I'd say.
Once again, what did you think?

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