Friday, February 8, 2008

Seven's first dud

Well, Out of the Question's ratings on Thursday night were pretty terrible... but had to be expected. Last week it got 1.3m which isn't too bad but this weeks result of 997,000 is pretty bad.

The show was not that flash either. Probably because the producers made the mistake of keeping Fifi and getting rid of Ed Kavalee. They started off the show by re-using the same joke as last week (the complimenting Glenn for points joke). I lost interest after Fifi Box began to sing "I'm blue...". Anyway, it will eventually be axed... but it would be good if Seven could keep it longer, just to give it a chance... but I know that is a bit unreasonable, especially for a commercial network.
If they want a ratings boost, ditch the current panel and bring back Ed and they need someone like Hamish Blake or Julia Zemiro.
But I have named Out of the Question Seven's and 2008's first dud.

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