Friday, February 15, 2008

Ratings Wrap

Well, Out of the Question continues to slide further, now to the 800 000s. Not good news for seven, but it is hardly surprising. I wonder how many more weeks it has got left in it. If it drops to 700 000 next week it could be its second last week. If it hovers around the 800 000s, it might have 1 or 2 weeks after that. At least another Aussie comedy, Good News Week was a bit funnier than Out of the Question but it didn't rate anywhere near Question's 1.3m debut.
The Chopping Block also improved its ratings a bit, which is good, because it is growing into an OK show. Hopefully Channel Nine is patient and leaves it to simmer for a bit.
And there was the whole Underbelly kerfuffle. If you ask me, Nine should have held off on Underbelly for all of the states not just Victoria. At least they have would eliminated downloading, etc. They also could have scored themselves the one of the first real big figures over the 2m mark for 2008. But it still rated OK I suppose. I'm suprised The Frasier and Debra show (or Back to You) rated so well because a) they gave away free DVDs with the episode in the paper and b) It was OK, but not really funny. Ramsay continues to perform. Saving Babies or Kids or Damien Leith continues to get average results. Lost isn't getting the 1m it deserves, only 800k seem to be still interested. And can I just say that I agree with David Knox of that Two and a Half Men needs to be given the boot and Temptation needs to be brought back. Two and a half men is truly one of the worst American sitcoms I have ever seen. Womens Murder Club did well with 1.2m. I think that women will prefer that over the new Sex and the City Clones. Maybe because it looks a bit more intelligent and doesn't obsess over looks, etc. Like with Sex and the City #2 (Cashmere Mafia) and its tagline- "they're not desperate, they're fabulous!" Come on Channel Nine, that's shocking. Monster House got the bad number it deserved- around 700k. It had some OK ideas but some of the laughter was forced and unnatural. Terminator's 1m will only get worse. I have said before that it will be this year's Bionic Women- both remakes with tough female leads. It doesn't appeal to anyone- blokes don't watch it because of the female lead and women probably won't like it because of all of the action and sci-fi nonsense. Desperate Housewives and Dirty Sexy Money did OK too but overall, the only show which has been a real fresh, new hit has been So You Think You Can Dance. And thank god we have at least one great Australian show. Well, at least I can be happy that It Takes Who? has finally got a lower number- 1.3m. It is a stale show and I think we all have to realise that the bottom of the D-Grade Aus Celeb barrel has been not only scraped, but removed and thrown away and we are now down to the concrete underneath the barrel. I challenge the average TV viewer to name one show that at least 3 It Takes Who people are in. I only knew about three or four. Turn off your TVs at 7:30 to whatever time they stretch this drivel out to and we can finally tell Channel Seven to give us something new. A Year with the Royal Family I think will slide further below the current 1m. It is boring with a capital Z. On to next week.

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