Saturday, February 2, 2008

Summer TV Awards

Well, this is pretty self-explanatory (and pretty pointless, because we all know that Summer TV was on the whole pretty bad), but anyway, here I go.

Best TV Show- 30 Rock- Great original new show which should have been given an earlier timeslot but I think is now returning in the ratings season.

Worst TV Show(s)- Too many to mention but all of the cheap reality shows such as Police
Ten 7, Borderline, Deadly Surf which are all imitations of their more successful counter-parts. Also all of those British shows such as Heart-Beat. And not forgetting Don't Forget the Lyrics, couldn't Network Ten rustle up any other drama or comedy?

Worst Decision by a network- Network Ten deciding to be different and be the only network to show an old show in the 7pm slot. Sure, Friends is not a terrible show but haven't we all seen the episodes before. At least Channel Nine showed new shows... even though they were both terrible.

Best Network- SBS wins this award for showing new episodes of all its best shows. They also showed new shows during the non-ratings season. To name a few of its shows- Top Gear, Mythbusters, Skins, Who Do You Think You Are, RocKwiz, East West 101 and Food Safari.
I may not be a fan of these shows but SBS has still done many people a favour by providing mostly Australian alternatives to other rubbish on commercial TV.

Most disliked Networks- Channel Nine and Channel Ten- for shifting around shows and yanking them off air at different times. I am mostly talking about The Big Bang Theory, The New Adventures of Old Christine and The Office. Channel Nine have to understand that if they want to build up viewer loyalty, they shouldn't take a show off the air four weeks into a season just because it is getting one or two hundred thousand less viewers than they would like. And if they really didn't want to show it in primetime then at least shove it in a 10:30 slot like Channel Seven. And Channel Ten really should know better.

What do you think?

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