Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Progress Report

Well, I know its only early in the year but it the unofficial ratings season has just started and I would like to compare how each of the commercial networks have started off.

Channel Seven- Not a bad start… some of their shows that they have been promoting non-stop over summer have finally premiered. These include the Zoo (haven’t they already got an animal docu-drama?), Bush Doctors, Samantha Who and Out of the Question.
I am sick of talking about Out of the Question (my other posts have my opinions on this show) and we all know that its audience could have been better but we won’t dwell on that.
Bush Doctors did OK also with 1.2m, which appeared to be a cross between 7’s Medical Emergency and 9’s Royal Flying Doctor Service.
And the Zoo got off to a pretty good start with 1.3m.
Samantha Who got 1.3, which is good, but nothing like what Ugly Betty got this time last year (this mentioned in my other post).
Of course these aren’t huge numbers but against Ten’s biggest gun, So You Think You Can Dance, they did pretty well and Seven should be pretty happy with their start.

Channel Nine- Kicked off their batch of new shows with a A Year with the Royal Family. It came second in its timeslot to Dance and this was probably to be expected. It got better ratings than I thought it would- did Cate Blanchett’s voice-over make this show more popular than it could have been?... I doubt that it would have made a difference if someone else was doing it. I can’t really see viewers sticking around for a long time- I don’t think it will take long for people to get sick of watching the Queen and co.
Of course their C.S.I.s did well also, even though one was a repeat.

Channel (Network… sorry) Ten- Well, probably the best network of the three. It also has launched the two most talked about shows over the past couple of weeks. Dance and the Biggest Loser have done very well for Ten on Sunday and Monday.
Ten will be very happy that they finally have some hit shows, especially with their upcoming US shows in doubt. Dance got 1.8m then 1.6m… very good figures, and The Biggest Loser has kicked off with a strong start.
But is this a case of Ten putting its best two shows forward to cover up possible duds? We shall find out…

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