Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Top 5:People Who Deserve Bigger Roles

This is a list made up of the people I believe deserve bigger roles on TV. Some of these people already have a small role and some don't have a role at all but they are all great talents and deserve better.

#5. Wil Anderson deserves to have his own Glass-house type of show back again.
#4. Sonia Kruger deserves to be the host on DWTS- which I'm sure many people would agree on.
#3. Tony Martin deserves some sort of role on Aussie TV, whether it be as a writer, or even appearances on Spicks and Specks.
#2. Hamish and Andy deserve another crack at their own show... you only have to listen to their radio show to see how good it could be.
#1. Ed Kavalee also deserves his own Tonight show, but I have already mentioned this in my Out of The Question: Review post.

And some people I didn't mention do better in their smaller roles, such as Frank Woodley and Colin Lane in their appearances on Spicks and Specks, and Julia Zemiro is great as host of RocKwiz and we all saw what happened when she ventured to the dark side (commercial TV) last year. Who's in your Top 5?

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