Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Just when everyone thought the biggest show of 08 would by So You Think You Can Dance, along came a man named Gordon Ramsay. His show has just exploded on the Aus TV scene. It is quite amazing in fact that it has become such a huge phenomenon. It started quitely in the Summer non- ratings period once a week, with very little fuss or promotion. It was a steady performer then, hovering around the 1m mark. Channel Nine just screened it to give viewers a
taste of what was to come with their massively promoted so-so Chopping Block.
In fact, all Nine did was show a slicker, grittier and funnier show before the not-as-good second show.
It also made The Chopping Block look like an weak imitation, and they wonder why it didn't work.
Anyway, Nine must be ecstatic that they have finally come across their first new show which is actually popular in the past couple of years. Really. Think about it. Nine hasn't had a truly popular new show like this for ages. They have always just relied on their older favourites like CSI, 60 minutes, etc. to prop up their collapsing network.
But now, this show, this man, could prove the turning point in Nine's fortunes.
But why has this show proven so popular? It is a cheap American reality show where a man comes into a crap restaurant, swears, abuses the staff and picks on the food. It is all because of Ramsay. Just like house, the show revolves around and supported solely by one grumpy man.
It has steadily increased in ratings and peaked at 1.5 million on a Thursday.
And now that Nine has unlocked the Ramsay juggernaut, they could also tap into his other shows he has made like Hell's Kitchen.
All I know is that the Ramsay phenomenon can only get bigger.

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