Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Ratings

777,000. Yes, that is what Rove got on Sunday night. 777,000. I still can't believe it. I can't remember the last time they got such a low result. It is quite disappointing for Rove, given all the plugging, and given it was a series return. It came 4th after the heavyweights Grey's and CSI. It even lost to East of Everything. Not to say it isn't great news for this Aussie drama. 1m is fantastic for its debut. The ABC is probably hoping they have another Seachange on their hands.
Everyone seems to have fallen for the Gladiators too, with 1.8 million, but will this be another Bingo Night? Let's hope so. It's just another pointless, brain-dead show encouraging violence.
In other news, Earl returned strongly on 1.2m, even though the Cops episodes are rubbish.
60 minutes is recovering after a shaky start on 1.4m, Channel Nine's reality docu-dramas continue to not prove as popular as their identical counterparts previously aired on Channel Seven. Dance drops in popularity as viewers realise just how boring and drawn out it can be sometimes. People also continue to lap up the trash which is Police Files Unlocked and The Biggest Loser... no big suprise.
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Really the only suprise here is Rove's result, but maybe we can see why with my Rove post.

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