Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TV08: The Start

Let's face it, the start of 2008 hasn't really been that exciting. Apart from a couple of shows such as SYTCYDTYDC or whatever it is and Underbelly, there haven't been any great breakthrough original shows. The networks have brought back the whole truckload of old American favourites. Let me remind you of all these shows that are hanging around.

The CSIs

The Law and Orders

All of the American shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and House.

And Apart from Underbelly and Dance, none of the new shows have failed to set the ratings alight such as Samantha Who, Burn Notice, Out of the Question, Terminator, Dirty Sexy Money and Monster House.

Seven has brought back its herd of cheap shows. They must be relieved that viewers are creeping back to them after a lack-lustre first week. I started to finally think that people had tired of all of Seven's rubbish but they have come crawling back.
Yes, all of those shows- RSPCA Animal Rescue, The Real Seachange, It Takes Two, The Force, Border Security, The Zoo and Bush Doctors are all making a comeback. Aren't we all tired of these shows yet? Obviously not.

The only hope is to look ahead. The next few days holds Newstopia, the only new Australian comedy at the moment. The next few weeks hold Rove, which should be good. And who knows when Steve Jacob's new show (anyone for another quiz show?) is coming.

This post wasn't meant to be a pessimistic rant, it was purely to tell the networks that they can do better. Everyone is itching for some fresh talent in some quality Australian shows. If you look back at the Chaser, even though they weren't exactly new talent, they were new to most people and look how well they went. Networks need to take some more risks- even though all these shows are still popular, they will not be able to prop up the networks forever. If Seven keeps flogging their docu-dramas and It Takes Two, viewers will tire of them (and they have already started to). If networks take risks, sure, 80% of the time they will fail, already with Monster House and Out of the Question but for the 20% which are succesful such as Dance, the said show can almost win entire nights for the network and can be milked for at least a couple of years.

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