Thursday, January 24, 2008


This post is designed for you to express your opinions, expectations and hopes for TV shows in 2008. Which new and returning shows are you excited about? Which ones are you dreading? Which personalities do you hope to see more of and less of? Once again I will start it off...
New Shows

So far no new shows have really got me excited. I don't know about you guys but

Reaper- Looks OK, could serve as a replacement to My Name is Earl before it comes back.

Out of the Question- This will either be really good and funny. Could be the next Thank God You're Here ratings wise. This will be some of the only Aussie comedy on offer at the start of the year so it could provide a few laughs, especially with Glenn Robbins at the helm. He has not yet fronted a show by himself but has become popular through his roles as Kel, Uncle Arthur and Russel Coight. If Ed Kavalee really is going to be on the show, it really will be worth watching. Fifi Box and Tony Moclair might be entertaining.

Good News Week- There is nothing bad about it returning, with the absence of the axed Slideshow, it will be good to see Paul McDermott back on screen. The big question will be whether it rates. It probably won't get really high figures given The Sideshow was axed, but it might pull respectable figures...And I know that it's technically not a new show.

Back To You- I think many people have been missing Frasier and Raymond since they left a couple of years ago and we haven't seen a decent new American sitcom since. It will be good light-entertainment.

Monster House- It might not be the best show coming up but it might unearth some new Aussie talent. It also sounds like a kind-of original idea.

I will add more to this when I find out more about the new shows.

Returning Shows

Lost- Lost has been a great show over the past couple of years and the saga continues to unfold and we will hopefully get closer to some answers in Season 4. The only bad thing about Lost is that Seven only has less than half a normal season up its sleeve. So don't get too attached to it because just as you start to get into it, it will be yanked off your screen.

Desperate Housewives- After a better Season 3, Season 4 of Desperate Housewives should be good. But once again, don't get too attached to it.

Rove- Consistently funny and entertaining show. Rove was voted most annoying TV personality at the beginning of the year but this isn't accurate at all. Anyway, hopefully the whole Rove team is back again for 2008.

Newstopia- The extremely funny Shaun Micallef is back with this fast-paced show which is sure to entertain again.

Scrubs- Hopefully it is coming back but I haven't read or seen anything yet. Also a very funny show but is buried at night.

Spicks and Specks- Great show which hasn't tired itself out yet. It should continue to be funny especially with Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough still on board.

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