Friday, December 12, 2008

Summer Viewing Guide: Seven

This summer, seven has gone with some unexciting British dramas, failed American dramas as well as some new ones which weren't even tried out during the year with a sprinkling of some Australian documentaries.


Scrubs: Now in its 7th Season, this quirky comedy is looking very weary and is a shadow of its former self but there are at least a couple of good moments in each episode.

Kath and Kim: American Series- Yes, it is terrible... not just in comparison to the Aussie version, but just as a TV show. But it is like a car-crash... you know the rest... And it's fun to see how they copy some parts almost scene for scene.

Eli Stone: Slightly different US drama series in which the main character sees visions involving George Michael songs. On twice a week.

Dance Machine: Fairly OK show involving "everyday" people dancing shamelessly... all for $$$.
Serves as some light-entertainment of a Saturday night.

The Rich List: Hosted by Andrew O'Keefe, this show has been dragged out again after tanking in the Ratings season. Viewers grew sick of the drawn-out and repetitive process just to get to the "Rich List" stage... Oh, and those obscure lists... and the cross promotion lists such as Competitive Styles of Dance on Australia's Dancing with the Stars and Money Amounts in the Deal or No Deal cases.


Holby Blue, Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Brooklyn Bridge, A Touch of Frost, Bones,
Watch only if over 50 and/or have trouble getting to sleep.

Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty, Las Vegas: Over the top and unneccesary dramas which are nowhere near as popular as they once were.

Prison Break: I know people who still like this show... but know of many who have given up.

The Amazing Race: I just get sick of seeing everyone rushing around while they get agitated at foreigners.

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