Thursday, December 11, 2008

Summer Viewing Guide: Nine

Here are some recommendations for Channel Nine's Summer schedule.

As opposed to ten's repeats and some failed American dramas, Nine has a number of sitcoms, including Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine and The Big Bang Theory. It also has a raft of unaired Australian content including the final season of Mcleod's Daughters, Australian Geographic specials, Temptation, The Waiting Room, Emergency, 10 to One, Deadly Surf, Sudden Impact and You Are What You Eat.

It still has many US drama favourites such as CSI Miami, Cold Case, CSI (all repeats of course), new Fringe, ER, The Closer, Close to Home and Gossip Girl and of course US reality such as Wife Swap and Survivor: Micronesia


Big Bang Theory- Great new nerdy comedy series

Old Christine- Not a bad show for some light viewing. The show that unofficially broke the "Seinfeld curse" for Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

10 to One- Nothing really new or groundbreaking here but often it's a good for those "remember when..." moments.

You Are What You Eat- If you're feeling bad about yourself, watch this.

Mcleod's Daughters- It has well and truly descended into soap territory, but this rural drama, now in its eighth season could be a lot worse.

Temptation- This family friendly quiz show is a reliable and entertaining choice.... unfortunately it has been axed so don't get too attached.


The Waiting Room, Emergency, Deadly Surf, Sudden Impact

I don't know how anyone manages to tell these shows apart from each other, but there's obviously an audience for these types of reality docu-drama shows. Not for me.

Nine hasn't done too bad a job putting together a schedule for summer. There's pretty much something for most people there, and there's a fairly even balance between Australian and American content.

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